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007 Headquarters [ YMAP ]

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Datum: 18.03.2018
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Before everything, Doomsday Heist is required to get every objects.

I worked during 1 month on it so please if you want more, give a lot off like for my work.

Feature :
- amasing water pool roof
- jetpack lift-off
- helicopter take off
- hiden entrance like a real secret agent ( you have a picture witch shows the location )
- submarine near the place
- Entrance from the sea with the Ocelot Stromberg
- Bullet proof pane


1) Map Builder 3.2.0 ( Important !!!!!!!!!!!! or you will have nothing.. be sure it work.

2) If you hadn't done so already, you will need to set up the CustomMaps DLC :

3) All you need to do after that, is drop 'Nuketown and Tunnel Nuketown' inside custom_maps.rpf of the following folder (using OpenIV):


4) then copy the "vehicules nuke.xml" file into: script / AutoloadMaps to have every vehicules or load it manualy with map editor.

A big thanks to SOLLAHOLLA for ymap and Guadmaz for map editor, both fabulous persons.

Thanks for dowloading, enjoy. If you want more, please give a like for my work, i try to do my best.

i'm french so if you have any questions or answer, french is beter :D

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007 Headquarters [ YMAP ]
007 Headquarters [ YMAP ] 007 Headquarters [ YMAP ] 007 Headquarters [ YMAP ] 007 Headquarters [ YMAP ] 007 Headquarters [ YMAP ] 007 Headquarters [ YMAP ] 007 Headquarters [ YMAP ]

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