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Agera R with door script

Autor: extrememodder191, Just_Riko
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Datum: 02.12.2016
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Agera R mod with special door script by ajay191


1st mod

WARNING : Use this mod only if you agree following terms and conditions
1. No release my script with your any mod (you can use link for my mod in your description)
2. That Agera R is unlocked mod to use for tutorial is beta version so dont expect it to be perfect or final version mod (have few bugs i know and will not fixed for unlocked version)
3. Never release that script and Agera R unlocked mod to any other site (exclusive for, and
4. Never use that Agera R mod to fix bugs and release or that mod will be reported and you will be banned from website forever
5. If you are modder then use Unlocked Agera R to understand how to make doors
6. If you are gamer\player use Agera R unlocked for personal use only


Detailed credits and instructions inside rar

Script works fine....not best.....because Game limitations
Still I am trying fix in next updates

Special Thanks
Kizakudo - test everything, some suggestions, addon and data
Just_Riko - for Vehicle mod and allow me to release unlocked and pics
AIGE, Answer - door dummy help
Frazzlee, Ahmed, JulioNIB - script help
ajay191 - for door proper workin in mod and script

links : for updates, upcoming mods, WIP, VIP\ajay.extrememodder\gta5extrememods\teamextrememods

[team eXtreme]

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Agera R with door script
Agera R with door script Agera R with door script Agera R with door script Agera R with door script Agera R with door script Agera R with door script Agera R with door script

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