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Ford Focus Svt Rally 2003 [Add-On + Tunings parts]

Autor: GtaGam3r
Datum: 30.10.2016
Downloads: 2926
Dateigröße: 29.879 MB

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► Time spent to convert car: 45 days
- Filling empty space on car (car come without trunk, without some parts on chassis and etc)
- Working on textures
- Working to create new 3d interior
► Car testing on steam version and pirate version and its working without problem.
► Car can be rally version,stock version and even tuning version,you can combinate because alot extra car parts.Change livery and colors with trainer,i suggest simple trainer.

► Car info:
- true mirrors
- glass are breakable
- working dials
- 10 front bumpers
(on some of them working fog lights)
- 5 back bumpers
- 3 type exhaust
- 6 type of hoods
- 4 roof combinations
- 5 type of side skirts
- 8 trunk spoilers
- Livery you can turn off in LSC or with trainer
- Under car neon lights support

And big Thx to modder ZQrba who borrow me 3d engine for this car.

► How to Install is in readme text in file document.

If you maybe have errors try next:
►See for game configuration for add on cars:
► check read me text in download file,there is plan B help
► try to lower your graphic settings because i hear from users that help too

If you have question for me just tag my name @GtaGam3r
P.s. i dont convert cars on demand, so please without begging, because working on cars need a lot of days and hours spent.

People work hard at creating mods, so be respectful and don't leave hate and bad comments, instead give them constructive criticism and give them advice if you want them to upload "better" stuff.

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Ford Focus Svt Rally 2003 [Add-On + Tunings parts]

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