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Ferrari 488 Zen Kits TRM V3

Autor: Zen-Imogen
Datum: 08.10.2016
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Dateigröße: 20.696 MB

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An Aero-heavy, Super-light Ferrari 488 with Zen Kits TRM (The Ring Machine) V3.

The assortment of cars that you find at Nordschleife Sub-seven minutes events is always one of the most impressive aspects of the EuDM/JDM grassroots grip scene.

Sure, you need massive power and extensive aero to play with the big boys, but most of the people out there are just trying to have a bit of fun while attempting to smash their own personal lap records in the process.

Making changes and adjustments along the way is a big part of sub-seven minutes, and seeing a car evolve in incremental steps brings a lot of satisfaction to those who compete in the motorsport. That’s why it doesn’t really matter what car you start with; the important thing is the effort you put in. To say that everyone who took part in the recent Attack meet was giving it 110 per cent, would be an understatement.

This F142M Ferrari 488 built with tuning shop ZenWorks is one car that certainly deserves a mention, as these days you don’t see many examples being used for sub-seven minutes purposes; most are flung around at drift more than anywhere else. But let’s not forget what a lightweight car like this (810kg in this stripped-out instance) is capable of.

Under the hood the car runs a fully-built F154CB boasting around 770 twin turbo horses, but it was the exterior that drew me to it in the Nordschleife pits. It looks like the owner not only concentrated on shedding as much weight as he could with lots of FRP and carbon, but took the opportunity to go all-out in the aero department, too.

Only Exterior that change, next update interior.

Credit :
DTD ToneBee

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Ferrari 488 Zen Kits TRM V3
Ferrari 488 Zen Kits TRM V3 Ferrari 488 Zen Kits TRM V3 Ferrari 488 Zen Kits TRM V3 Ferrari 488 Zen Kits TRM V3

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