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2013 Dodge Charger

Autor: JJDawkins | Email
Datum: 28.09.2016
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First off, I would like to say this is the First Time for me Modeling Cars So please don't be to hard on me. These Models are not base off any department But a Sheriff's Department i had in my head... I truly Hope you guys like and enjoy the models Cause it was fun making them....


The Credit Really Goes to these Guys.. and I'm Truly thankful of you guys for taking the time on making these Parts so we can use...

-Whelen Liberty Lightbar-By EVI and thank you so so much for making this for us I really do thank you...

-SideRunners-HG2 Emergency Lighting Products DEV_HG2-By EVI

-Stalker DSR 2X- By OfficerUnderwood

Wilson 5000 CB Antenna-By Gump

Setina PB5 Fender Wrap-By M67v

[REL | DEV] 2006-15 Dodge Charger Mopar PPV Hubcaps- By Carperino
- 2006-15 Dodge Charger Mopar PPV Hubcaps by Fartknockr | Converted to IV by Bxbugs123 | Converted to V by Fartknockr
- Mopar PPV Rim made by GerryStudio, Edited & converted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123 | Converted to V by Fartknockr
- Rim & Hubcap textures by Bxbugs123 | Color Editing for V by Fartknockr

[DEV] Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Hubcap-By Bueno
- Ford Crown Victoria Hubcap modeled, converted and textured by Bueno
- Inner rim by DSF
- Tire by Rockstar Games

[DEV] Dufflebag-By HaLoPCDrAcO
-Duffle Bag Model from Unknown Game
-Extracted by Sergiyj from TF3DM
-Converted and Mapped by PS3Gameplays123

CM Console-By Sheriff Van Dyck
-Console scratch made by SheriffVanDyck
-Radio, coffee cup and walkie talkie by Rockstar Games
-Textures by SheriffVanDyck
-WT and CoffeeCup from R*Games

Panasonic Arbitrator Dash Camera-By Johnclark1102
- Model is scratch built by johnclark1102
- Texture is made by diablozer0d617

[DEV] First Aid Med Bag (Sergiyj)-By Sergiyj
-First Aid Med Kit - Prop from game Left 4 Dead
-Converted, scaled and minor edits - Sergiyj
-Model ripped and provided by - 3dregenerator

Equipment 1.0-By ErinLindsay

Ms_alpr (apr) scanner r1-By Motex
-Martin_Stainman (model), Rockstar Games (textures)

Setina PB-400-By Rastko
-Turn 10 Studios (Forza 4) for model, converted into z3d by Rastko.
-Panasonic Toughbook CF-31-By Ridgerunner
-Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 modeled and converted by Ridgerunner Designs
-Panasonic Toughbook texture by Ridgerunner Designs

-Whelen Dominator Series modeled and textured by tomcat8492.

GTA V Default lighting Guide Final-By TheHurk..Thank you for making this Sir
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Model I used and thank you to all:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

:Model ripped by (DMN)
:Converted and modified into 2013 dodge charger by (Codex12)
:Seats from the crew modified by (Codex12)
:Steeringwheel are from simraceway & modified by (Codex12)
:Interior texture by (Carper)

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2013 Dodge Charger
2013 Dodge Charger 2013 Dodge Charger 2013 Dodge Charger

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