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Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace)

Autor: elcreador | Email
Datum: 08.08.2016
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Dateigröße: 89.995 MB

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Fulvia hf transport mod (add-on/replace)for GTA V by "elcreador"
This mod replace infernus and smalltrailer.

Those cars are a Fulvia hf conversion from Assetto corsa and gta sa.All the credits to the original autors.3 cars with 3 skins and handlings differents.
The trailers are some tr2´s modifications.Converted to can be attached by game´s cars and my mod´s cars.7 sizes models.

It is recommended that you use OpenIV's mod manager feature ( with rpf mods to provide easy switching of rpf mods to off for online play to avoid bans.

Cars names:

Trailers names: size:
-modtrailer7 -little size
-modtrailer8 -medium size
-modtrailer9 -normal size
-modtrailer10 -large size
-modtrailer11 -big size
-modtrailer12 -head truck size
-modtrailer13 -medium big size

Screens into the replace folders.

In this mod, i have added acces to the trailer like in a normal car, you can acces and then use a simple trainer to open and close the back doors and after can be mounted a car, BUT DON`T SPAWN WITH THE DRIVE IN, if you spawn into a trailer with the drive in may cause crash of the game.Remenber turn off the option "spawn witn drive in" in the trainer.You can acces after spawn like in a normal car.

I use a simple trainer with an script to prevent that the cars disappear.

This trailers can be attached with some game´s cars like BISON.
But i have added the fulvia mod to be atacched too.
I´ll go adding more cars and trailes that will be able be attached between them, even those.

Remenber: DON`T SPAWN WITH THE DRIVE IN in the trailers.The game may crash.


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Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace)
Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace) Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace) Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace) Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace) Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace) Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace) Fulvia HF Transport Mod (Add-on/replace)

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