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Fiat 500 [Add-on]

Autor: GtaGam3r
Datum: 05.08.2016
Downloads: 3739
Dateigröße: 33.311 MB

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This was 3d model what i find on internet and convert to GtaV.
Car was without engine and front trunk space,so i was create everything.
Original wheels i remove because they do game error (for modders who will understand,wheel have over 64k vertex and that was cause problems).
So wheels i take from Benefactor Glendale and engine is from BF Injection.
Dont judge me too much i am not perfect and i am not professional designer,i am still new in this programs and still learning,so thank you for understanding.

Car works fine,without problems, for those who will say car making errors make sure to check installation steps and see if some of your mods cause problems.And have good gameconfig.xml to have add-on cars.

► How to Install is in readme text in file document.

Windows doesn't break ( i need figured how to make that)
Mirrors not working
Dials not working too
Bonnet when is open you can see through.

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Please dont ask me for replace because this car cant be replaced with any from game because i modded it and edit handling on my way so i don't know which one it can replace.

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Fiat 500 [Add-on]

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