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Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries

Autor: Quad
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Datum: 04.08.2016
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Dateigröße: 2.257 MB

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--Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 RDB LibertyWalk Spyder--

- Converted to GTAV by_Se7enMoon [YCA Modder Group]
Download (This Cars was deleted in the new Version of the Package, I will see what I can do):

- Paintjob done by_Quad

Version History and notes:

------ Version 1.0 ------
- RDB LibertyWalk Decals in Black/Red
- RDB LibertyWalk Decals in White/Red
- Liberty Walk Spoiler-Decal (for the standard spoiler) (Optional)
- Interior Stitches Changed from Blue to Grey (Optional)
- Interior Stripes changed from Blue to Grey (Optional)
- Brake Calipers changed from RED to Grey (Optional)
- North Yankton changed to RDB Plate (Optional)

---------Installation Paintjob(s)---------

Using OpenIV to locate and open the "lp610lb.ytd", and add the "610_sign_2 & 610_sign_3" (without ""), click safe, done*.
lp610lb.ytd Location: GTAV/Mods/x64/dlcpacks/lambo/dlc.rpf/x64/vehicles.rpf/lp610lb.ytd

Replace Method:If you want to replace the original livery just click replace the "610_sign_1" with the
one youd like to install, click safe, done*

Adding Method:If you want to Add my textures, just Add them. No need to change anything in the carol.meta !

Installation Spoiler-Decal / Grey Brake Calipers / Stitches / Stripes
--Everything Highly recommend with the Paintjobs !--

Using OpenIV to locate and open the "lp610lb.ytd" and replace the:
- "other" file (If you want the Liberty Walk Spoiler Decal) with the "other.png"
- "carpet" file (If you want to use the grey stitches) with the carpet.png and the cuciture file with the "cuciture.png"
- "cuci_color" file (If you want Grey stripes in the Interior. Highly recommend if you use the Grey stitches!) with the "cuci_color.png"
- "nodamage_lod0" & "hub_color" file (If you want Grey Brake Calipers) with the "nodamage_lod0.png" & "hub_color.png"
after replaceing the files click "Safe", Done :)
"lp610lb.ytd" File Location: GTAV/Mods/x64/dlcpacks/lambo/dlc.rpf/x64/vehicles.rpf/lp610lb.ytd

-------Installation RDB-Plate--------

Using OpenIV to locate and open the vehshare.ytd in location 1 and replace the "yankton_plate" (without ""), click safe
Now do the same in location 2 (replace the yankton_plate), done.

vehshare.ytd Location 1 : Mods/x64w.rpf/dlcpacks/mpbeach/dls.rpf/x64/gta5/vehicles/mpbeachvehicles.rpf/vehshare.ytd
vehshare.ytd Location 2 : Mods/x64e/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf/vehshare.ytd

If you use this Plate, you have to delete the Initials (Ingame) of the plate with a trainer, and set a dot instead the initials,
for proper use of the RDB Plate !

It was much work to create and add all decals properly to the car parts, so I hope you enjoy !! :)
*sry for my bad English* :P
You can contact me on Steam, click the link on 5Mods

Cheers Quad..

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Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries
Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries Huracan Spyder 8K LB-Liveries

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