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2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked]

Autor: AuthorSaulAlan
Datum: 14.07.2016
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2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked]

The new Ford GT, model includes several extra parts which transform the car

hands on wheel and good quality interior,
This model originally had no interior no engine no door insides etc so I have given it these things, they are not the official Ford Gt interior and engine though they are modified Bentley

Thanks to @HitmanNiko for parts used

Model has some bugs but nothing super bad everything major works fine

it has a similar paint settup as the corvette with a new colour spectrum only this ones a bit bugged, colours are darker and there's an odd pattern on lighter colours

also one thing to note is Extra parts can be a bit tricky when being applied and sometimes refuse to apply/unapply and other times be perfectly fine

The headlights are a sticker, the model didn't come with proper 3d headlights, surprisingly they don't look bad when ingame.. or maybe its just my bright graphics settings lol eitherway i left them as they are currently, you can see what they look like in the pics and the car does still have lights at night

(Note LM version in some pics is a different model)

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2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked]
2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked] 2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked] 2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked] 2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked] 2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked] 2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked] 2017 Ford GT [Extras | Unlocked]

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