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Nissan 180SX TYPE-X [Add-On | Tuning]

Autor: ElyZium
Datum: 11.07.2016
Downloads: 4263
Dateigröße: 17.32 MB

10.00 bei 3 Bewertungen

Update: Look at the pinned comment for instructions on installing the mod. Thanks!

Today I am bringing you a BETA release for my newest converted mod the Nissan 180SX Type-X from Need for Speed 2015, as requested by a majority of you. I will repeat this is a BETA version so not all of the tuning options are yet available until further notice. You guys can donate to support me for my time and hard work getting this mod out to you guys. Livery support will be coming in future updates.

Follow me so you know when I update this mod! Its gonna be awesome once I get everything finished! :D

BETA v.5 Known Bugs:
Windows don't break
Hands don't go on the steering wheel
Speedometer needs fixed
Some textures need fixed
Engine is missing but not for long! Currently runs by using the excitement and joy of my supporters! :D
Ignore most tuning options are for the sultan rs, I will be removing them from script in the next update, thanks!

To spawn use: ntypex

Rocket Bunny v1 Bodykit
Rocket Bunny v2 Bodykit
Rocket Bunny Spoilers
RECARO SEATS [You can toggle this option by going into Benny's Garage]

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Nissan 180SX TYPE-X [Add-On | Tuning]
Nissan 180SX TYPE-X [Add-On | Tuning] Nissan 180SX TYPE-X [Add-On | Tuning] Nissan 180SX TYPE-X [Add-On | Tuning] Nissan 180SX TYPE-X [Add-On | Tuning]

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