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1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny [Add-On]

Autor: ElyZium
Datum: 24.06.2016
Downloads: 4786
Dateigröße: 6.049 MB

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Hey guys, back with very special vehicle, sorry its been a while! I've actually been working on two cars at once lol. The other vehicle being released this week will be the Nissan 300zx so follow me to stay updated for my future releases. This NSx was only a test to see if I could successfully convert and import this vehicle into GTA. So no tuning will be available for this car in any future updates. Only minor fixes will be added. Due to the large amount of tuning parts that Need for Speed has it will be unfortunate to say that this car wont be getting any of those tuning options. Although future vehicles that I convert will have tuning options. Comment what car you would like to see converted from Need for Speed 2015!

Question: Am I the first person to have converted NFS 2015 into GTA 5?? I haven't seen any others? Although its very difficult to do.

Breakable windows
Hands on steering wheel
Pop-up Headlights
Animated Engine

To spawn the NSX you must use the keyword: nsxtypr

Converted from Need for Speed 2015 to GTA 5 by ElyZium.

Installation instructions are in the download provided, thanks!

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1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny [Add-On]
1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny [Add-On] 1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny [Add-On] 1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny [Add-On] 1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny [Add-On] 1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny [Add-On]

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