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Lost Slamvan Lowrider

Autor: ubermensch007
Datum: 08.04.2016
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Dateigröße: 2.629 MB

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.99 offers a new model with cleaner lines and finishing touches of a winning show car.

.981 is really just the files separated into folders and I added a read me. there may have been an issue with the taillight position on v.98 it should be correct now. i also tried to minimize body lines as much as I could but you will hardly notice. really I spent all week trying to get color to the interior but I just cant get it to happen. If someone can figure that out or already knows, please tell me how. otherwise this thing is done! color on the interior is all I think i would change if I could. Happy trails all.

ok I lied. I just spent 3 efn days trin to get the liveries to work. i did the best I could and i think its better but still not right. I also fixed the tail lights, adjusted the rear door handle nodes and screwed up the dials somewhere along the line but its not like you can see them anyway. I did not fix the interior but I figure its ok with bennys upgrades. I like it the way it is. enjoy!
with v.98 i am uploading a video so you can check out the truck.

update .9 allows for most of bennys upgrades from the slamvan3. I am aware there is an issue with the taillights, interior and livery. no changelog as
I pretty much started over with this version. I will say i rotated the body to make it more drivable and for the hydros to work better. sry to those that liked it better real bouncy in the back. i did include that version in this update though so you can have it both ways. version .9 is a far better model and was way more work to do. maybe i will release v1. with everything correct but i doubt it. i am not going to do anymore with this vehicle for a while.

I hope you like it!

my first actual mod. this is not a spooner merged vehicle. .yft and .ytd files. only replace for now. and it still needs some improvements, but it looks cool and is fun to drive.

So this is a slamvan2 with hydraulics. replaces the slamvan3.
requires openiv and the vehicle spawner/trainer of your choice with whatever they require as well. I use menyoo and dont really know for sure if your spawner can spawn the slamvan3 yet, youll have to check that for yourself. but if it can you should be able to use this mod.

just replace the slamvan3.yft, slamvan3.ytd, slamvan3_hi.yft in your mods folder through openiv


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Lost Slamvan Lowrider
Lost Slamvan Lowrider Lost Slamvan Lowrider Lost Slamvan Lowrider Lost Slamvan Lowrider Lost Slamvan Lowrider Lost Slamvan Lowrider Lost Slamvan Lowrider

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