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Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning)

Autor: AuthorSaulAlan
Datum: 28.02.2016
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Vilner Bullshark M6
by AuthorSaulAlan

This is a Real car not a fake one, i've built this from scratch for GTAV using a standard M6 as a base there are NO models of this car it has never been in a game before

Vilner are a Bulgarian tuning company the Bullshark is a BMW M6 conversion they did

More information on Vilner here, also more screenshots ->

car has extensive tuning and multiple extras
(Extras spawn randomly on cars or you can manually spawn them using a trainer)
10 tuning parts + about 5 extras, the parts may add simply one part to the car or a number of different parts that form a kit, such as the rally kit the apocalypse kit etc
Upgrades include a second engine a widebody kit and more
car can be converted into an offroad mad max car or a track ready racecar depending on which upgrades you apply

Good quality all round with working dials perfect collisions and damage etc

Few small bugs that are being worked on see the readme for more info

No breaking glass yet will be added once some other things have been fixed

Replaces zion if you don't like that then just replace something else.. its that simple...

Install paths:

Copy Zion.yft/Zion_hi.yft/Zion.ytd to


Copy File zion_mods.rpf in Tuning Parts Folder To:


No there wont be an add on version.

Other mods that go well with this mod

Vilner Bullshark FBI version
^Find it on my modding profile here

BMW M6 2nd generation by AlperB
^This is the model the Vilner Bullshark is based off in real life

BMW M6 3rd generation by HitmanNiko
^This is the model that i used as a base to help construct the Vilner Bullshark

Real Brand Rims pack by zQrba
^This contains a set of rims in the sports section (by vossen) that look very similar to the real wheels on the Vilner (which aren't much different from the 3rd generations standard wheels)

For the FBI version see my other uploads

If you are interested in what is displayed on the Vilners satnav screen then be sure to checkout my amazon page

Model is locked so I can keep track of it so if you want to make something from it or convert it to a different game then message me

Thanks too @HitmanNiko and Turn Ten studios for the original stock M6 I worked from

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Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning)
Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning) Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning) Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning) Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning) Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning) Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning) Vilner Bullshark (Extensive Tuning)

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