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Bravado Bison Highline

Autor: RamboV
Datum: 05.02.2016
Downloads: 2569
Dateigröße: 5.079 MB

10.00 bei 4 Bewertungen

Tired of European supercars, textures for cop cars and map mods? Don't you want a good american car for your game?
Did you ever wondered why Rockstar f*cked up the Dodge Ram so much? SIiverado's Cab, Tundra's Grille, a generic 98' interior... This mod will convert the Bravado Bison into a truck that deserves to be named an "American Truck".


Redesigned front part of the pickup featuring new bumper, headlights, grill and bonnetAdded black plastic trim to the four doors like the original RamExtended cab (wheelbase too, the vehicle is a few inches larger)New dashboard (BETA, will be reworked in next version)Modified rear bumper, license plate with coverModel supports every ingame feature (openable doors with proper collisions, working dials, steering wheel, breakable windows, etc

REMEMBER TO REPLACE LINES IN VEHICLES.META! Otherwise some elements in the dashboard will not work.

Known bugs:
-LODs aren't accurate. Front part of the truck will look like the original model from distance. Will be fixed in new version.
-Collisions were reworked, but since the chassis (COL) file was locked, some parts of the car will not react to bullet holes. Is not that noticeable tho.

-Rework front indicators
-Add reversing lights
-Modify wheels collisions (bigger wheels)

Hope you guys like my first mod and please if you're going to rate it bad, please explain why. I'll very happy to hear suggestions (sugestions =/= requests. Some people doesn't understand the difference).

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Bravado Bison Highline
Bravado Bison Highline Bravado Bison Highline Bravado Bison Highline

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