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Range Rover Sport Military/Police Assault Vehicle

Autor: AuthorSaulAlan
Datum: 04.02.2016
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Dateigröße: 6.725 MB

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2010 Range Rover Sport Military/Police Armoured Assault Vehicle
Currently set to replace baller (ingame old shape gallavanter baller)

Find baller_hi.yft baller.ytd baller.yft in gta v\x64e\levels\gta5\vehicles
simply replace the three baller files to isntal the car, replace any other cars files to replace that car instead, replace an emergency vehilce to enable the lightbar to work

Original Model Source - ?
Stock Model Converter = lunchxbles
Model Editor = AuthorSaulAlan
Model Parts Creator - MattyPHD

Big thanks to these guys lunchxbles and MattyPHD!

Features lot's of extra parts, (use a trainer to disable and enable these extras) some of them are just for fun and arent brilliant quality don't take them to seriously.

(Note; lightbar is untested, I don't know if it has any problems when switched on)

Car has several minor issues including:

-Glass doesn't break
-Spawns clones of itself when it loses a body part or explodes
-shoots steam (and sometimes fire) out if you shoot the windows
-some extra spawnable parts don't move with the boot/bonnet
-a few texture hiccups

so basically don't shoot it.. and try not to blow up

also the lights get tinted with the windows, but i like it doing that so not fixing it lol the other things i'll fix if i get the chance

Version 2 currently undergoing testing, includes brand new redesigned back, plus new lightbar and rear light guards

Unique widebody mustang coming soon!

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Range Rover Sport Military/Police Assault Vehicle
Range Rover Sport Military/Police Assault Vehicle Range Rover Sport Military/Police Assault Vehicle Range Rover Sport Military/Police Assault Vehicle

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