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BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus

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Datum: 16.01.2016
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► BMW 750Li F01 (2009) ◄
with custom bodyshell and bumpers

My 21th car mod
converted from Gta SA mod by firestone/HuseyinUlken
Add-on / Replace (Fugitive)

BMW car meet map showcase: YouTube
when this video hits 100 likes, i will post this bmw with original bumpers :)


Version 1.2:
- Add-on version added
- Suspension for the add-on version is now possible

Version 1.1:
- Rescaled to the original size

Version 1.0:
- LODs
- 4 extras: front license plate, front bumper splitter, spoiler, money case in the trunk
- roof with 2ndary color (paintable only with a trainer, not possible in lsc)
- Working steeringwheel and dials
- GTA 5 license plates (Front plate as extra)
- Breakable windows (with dirt and cracks on it)
- Dirt
- Burn area
- Correct mirror reflections
- Correct door opening
- Working lights
- Bullet impact
- Correct window tint (no tint on lights & windscreen)
- Hands on steeringwheel
- Correct seat positions for 4 peds
- Correct exhaust smoke position
- Correct neon lights position
- Correct platelight position
- Wheels don't disappear in the distance

"Car meet with BMW's" map for Menyoo trainer. Only for the "replace" version. Watch the video.

1. Start OpenIV
2. Go to: x64e\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf
3. Enable Edit Mode and replace the downloaded YFT/YTD files

Installation (Add-on):
1. Put the "Update" folder to Grand Theft Auto V\
2. Extract "dlclist.xml" from update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml
3. Use notepad to open it, add new line:
4. Save it and replace it in OpenIV
5. Use Menyoo or Simple Trainer and spawn it by name 750licustom

XML Map file goes to: GTA 5\menyooStuff\Spooner
Menyoo trainer is here

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BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus
BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus BMW 750Li (2009) [Custom] (Add-On / Replace) + Bonus

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