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2005 BMW M3 E46

Autor: HitmanNiko
Datum: 21.12.2015
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2005 BMW M3 E46 For GTA 5 By HitmanNiko
Converted From: Forza Motorsport 4, Some Tuning parts from; NFS Shift 2& NFS Undercover.

-HQ Exterior
-Good Interior
-Breakable Glass
-Working Dials
-Movable Steering Wheel
-Player's Hands On The Steering Wheel
-Working Lights
-Stock Car Wheels
2 Front Bumbers
3 Rear Bumbers
2 Hoods
5 Spoilers
2 Exhausts
Carbon Roof
Roll Cage
1 Skirt (Carbon Skirt)
--NOTE: when u install the 3rd Rear Bumber u have to install the 2nd Exhaust
in LCS

-Brake lights coronas arent in right position
but it might include some bugs! if u see any tell me in the comments :D

Note: the car has been Reconverted From Scratch using a HQ Model instead of the Old model

Whats New In This "Reconvert" Version:
1.HQ Exterior Model
2.Better Interior
3.Better First Person View (Thanks To Ortega)
4.More Tuning Parts
5.More car details
and much more!

Install instructions in the ReadMe.Txt file!
NOTE: read the install instructions even if u know how to install the car.

NOTE: This isnt the last version of the car, so more updates are coming soon :D

Sorry For Low Quality Screenshots

and dont forget to leave your opinion/suggestions in the comments :D

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2005 BMW M3 E46
2005 BMW M3 E46 2005 BMW M3 E46 2005 BMW M3 E46

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