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BMW M4 F82 WideBody

Autor: Rasputin
Datum: 27.09.2015
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The BMW M4 Coupe.
Already with its lightweight record of less than 1,500 kg after DIN makes the BMW M4 Coupe his goal clear: Making the impossible possible. Equipped with the all-new 431-hp M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder gasoline engine with an optional 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic and precision tools such as M Servotronic, Active M Differential and Adaptive M Suspension is the icon of the house of M ready to enter the ring. His opponent: the limits of physics. His trump card: a driving character who achieved an unprecedented unity of man and machine.

Enjoy it driving pleasure !

Model Converted From
Need For Speed No Limits

You need OpenIV to install this mod.
How to use OpenIV “mods” folder and keep your original GTA V files safe i recommend this link

Installation description included!
This Model replaced the Zion Übermacht

Features Tuning:
Tunable Rims
To Do:
Tuning parts
Knowing bugs:
Missing some texture
Low resolutin interior
No Dials

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BMW M4 F82 WideBody
BMW M4 F82 WideBody BMW M4 F82 WideBody

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