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1991 BMW E30 Drift Edition

Autor: Skint_94
Datum: 26.09.2015
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Dateigröße: 21.539 MB

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Hi, this is the drift version of the Race BMW.

I decided to do a version like this because i thought it would perfect as a drift car as well as a race car so that's what I've done. Okay there hasn't been major changes but it looks drifty enough to me.

HQ Interior with normals
Custom Rota Alloys
Skinnable (I have provided a template as well)
Partly tunable. It's currently got basic ones like the exhaust and no bonnet but there will soon be better custom parts once I've lined them all up and so on.
Working Lights
Breakable glass (Needs some work but fine for now)
There could be more but i can't think of any.

The main one is the windows because the smash effect isn't right yet.
The only other thing i can think of is that some LS Custom parts just simply do not fit and pretty much not working properley but as i said that'll be changing in the next few updates as i want to make this mean as f**ck.
Some may find the tyres to glossy but i kept it that way just to add a little bit of realism instead of horrible matte coloured tyres.

I have provided a ReadMe file.

Replaces: Futo.

The reason i chose the futo is because out of all the other cars i tested it was only the futo that was worth it.

So yeah that's it, i hope you all enjoy it :)

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1991 BMW E30 Drift Edition
1991 BMW E30 Drift Edition 1991 BMW E30 Drift Edition 1991 BMW E30 Drift Edition

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