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1991 DTM BMW E30

Autor: Skint_94
Datum: 18.09.2015
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So here it is, my fourth conversion and to be honest this is the best one I've done so far! I absolutely love this one. Granted there maybe things that need to be tweaked but this is the first version after all.

Model: Project C.A.R.S
Converted by me

It currently features:
A full high-quality engine with running gear
Breakable windows
High-quality interior with normals
Custom alloys

Dials. I haven't added them because the dash gauges doesn't even have a speedo for some reason just and RPM gauge.
There's no skin. There was supposed to be one because i have loads on my PC but there was a problem with the mesh which has stopped me from being able to use it at the moment
Not tunable. I also WON'T be making it tunable as there's no need to because it's a race car.

Place the feltzer.ytf, feltzer_hi.ytf and the ytd file into in this location:


That's it i think, if anyone has problems then let me know, just don't be picky and start point stupid things out especially if you can't do any better.

Also i could really do with some proper shots as i don't know how to find images taken with Rockstar Editor

Thank you and enjoy another conversion :)

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1991 DTM BMW E30
1991 DTM BMW E30 1991 DTM BMW E30 1991 DTM BMW E30

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