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BMW M3 (E92) WideBody v1.2

Autor: Rasputin
Datum: 13.09.2015
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The BMW M3 (E92) is the fourth generation BMW M3 and is the successor to the M3 E46.

It was first unveiled at the 2007 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show as a concept car, which was technically equivalent to the production version.

The new M3 was the first in the M3 model range to have a V8 as its standard powerplant and to introduce the optional 7-speed M-DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission. It also had various weight saving techniques applied, including the usage of carbon-fibre for parts such as the roof.

Model Converted From Need for Speed Undercover

You need OpenIV to install this mod.
How to use OpenIV “mods” folder and keep your original GTA V files safe i recommend this link

Installation description included!

Tunable RimsRollcageBlue M3 seatsTo Do:
HeadlightsBreaklightsHigh Quality Texture InteriorLODTuning parts
Knowing bugs:
Undiscoveredplz comment when you find any bug so i can fix it in the next update thank you.

Enjoy it driving pleasure !
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BMW M3 (E92) WideBody v1.2
BMW M3 (E92) WideBody v1.2 BMW M3 (E92) WideBody v1.2 BMW M3 (E92) WideBody v1.2

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