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Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM]

Autor: Jorge13570
Datum: 26.11.2020
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Kitam. It is an Armored Vehicle made by the Mexican Army Assembler. The use of this vehicle is usually for presidential transport as well as can serve as a patrol and tactical use.

I come in collaboration with the conversion of the vehicle to gta 5 and added some accessories with my friend Faustino Ibarra. Great Modder of GTA San Andreas


Vehicle Converted By: JL Mods

Vehicle Model By: Faustino Ibarra (GTASinaloa701)

Page Faustino Ibarra



-Good Collision in the vehicle

-1 Driver 8 Passengers

-Turret Functional & Removable in the extras

-Good Driving


-Hands On Steering Wheel

-2 Extras

-1 Livery (SEDENA)

-Sirens (Only Functional in FiveM [For The Moment])


Installation (SP):

1.Download the file

2.Drag the insurgent files in to "mods/ x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

4. Spawn name: "insurgent"

Installation (FiveM):

1.Download the file

2.Drag the "kitam" folder in to resources

3. Add the line start "kitam" in server.cfg

4. Spawn name: "kitam"


Any Bug / Failure Please notify us to find a solution

(The Vehicle will probably be updating as corresponding Bugs are found)

You are interested in contacting me: You can enter my discord, where you can find some of the vehicles that I have made.


-MFK Sentinel User -6621

(JL Mods)

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Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM]
Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM] Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM] Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM] Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM] Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM] Kitam (SEDENA) [Replace l FiveM]

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