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BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On]

Autor: SRW
Datum: 28.10.2020
Downloads: 253
Dateigröße: 22.523 MB

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#MOD introduction

1.Vehicle name is BJ40 Traverser.This is a model I modeled through 3dsmax and transferred to GTAV.It is original.

2.QQ group:1127829591.If you have any questions, you can find me here.

3.This car is an add-on.

4.So far, no bugs have been found in this car.

5.It has good looks and perfect data.

6.If you like the previous version, please download it here.

#installation steps

1. Put the "bj40" folder under E:\Grand The ft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks

2.You need to use the MOD installation tool "openiv" open "dlclist.xml" under E:\Grand The ft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data path and modify,
add data dlcpacks:\bj40\

3. The brush code is bj40.

4.The tool you need to use is "menyoo".Enter bj40 in the tool to call up the vehicle, and then the vehicle will be displayed in front of you.

5.If you are still not sure, you can read the "readme.txt" document description after decompressing the file.

have fun!

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BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On]
BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On] BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On] BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On] BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On] BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On] BAIC BJ40 Traverser [Add-On]

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