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BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace]

Autor: Nii
Datum: 12.03.2020
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- BMW E36 328Nii 4 Door - Im back!
This time im Releasing my 4 Door E36 i worked a long time for!
Huge thanks for Randomarchives sending me stuff to do the Interior Bits and Pieces like Floormats and Air Fresheners!
Go check him out!
Base Model: GTA SA
Convert/Edit to GTA V by me Enginebay: FM7 Bride Seats: Losstunes
Tails: FilipJDM
Wheels: A_R.visual
Alpina Lip: Touge
If anyone is willing to make me an Add-On, or just give me a follow, heres my Instagram!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features . A good looking German Plate
Detailed Interior with Rare Parts
One of a Kind Taillights and Steeringwheel
Not a M3 for once or M packaged E36
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs. Windows dont break Doorsills are ugly AF
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- To install,
Go to:
\GTA V\mods\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
And Replace the Car files with the Vanilla files
DONT FORGET TO PUT EDIT MODE ON -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many Many thanks to - DevotedMedia/Zetto/Dimlowmedia for Teaching me how to Convert
- The dude from Playground Games for leaking their Devkit
- Cereal / L33TaS / Umarium / Just_Riko
- Me taking 2 months to do this car
- Corona Virus
- dem for sending me interior Textures
- Pascal
- mmm
- Oma
- My old E36 with a Broken Wheelbearing
- Alpina
Enjoy! :D YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO UPLOAD THIS FILE ON ANY OTHER SITES!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to make videos, ONLY if you include a mod link. If you want to support me more, Check out my youtube channel: -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace]
BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace] BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace] BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace] BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace] BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace] BMW E36 328i 4 Door [Replace]

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