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Mapped Cutter [Replace | Template]

Autor: ArmaniAdnr
Datum: 15.01.2020
Downloads: 126
Dateigröße: 3.19 MB

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Mapped vanilla Cutter with PNG template. The cutter is not mapped perfectly, some little parts are all placed in empty space of template. But should be enought for making any liveries.
Including livery based on Caterpillar TBM Lovat (Underground Support System). The original tunelling machine is just a big tube, not like vehicle ingame. So I just used the look of TBM and customized it to fit this vehicle as much as possible.
---- Installation ----- Detailed installation in ReadMe file (replace Cutter)
---- Bugs ----- First lod when using my sample livery have weird paint, if you know what can be problem DM me please Write me if you find any please. Aswell read first lines of this description! ---- Permissions ----- Free to use and upload on gta5-mods in your liveries, models or whatever you would need it for, once you make proper credits.
---- Credits ----- Rockstar - Original model

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Mapped Cutter [Replace | Template]
Mapped Cutter [Replace | Template] Mapped Cutter [Replace | Template] Mapped Cutter [Replace | Template]

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