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1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace]

Autor: Just Volvo, darewnoo
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Datum: 12.08.2019
Downloads: 3604 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 53.762 MB

8.41 bei 17 Bewertungen

[4 versions - PL, KR, US*, new][Official convert]

* US is fake version made for GTA V

First release: 10.08.2019

It's an official convert from GTA IV by user "Volvo" but made under supervision and fixed by "darewnoo". HERE you can read about all fixes.
Just simply, correct, fully playable convert with several new, better quality textures for GTA V.

Korea and fake US versions added by darewnoo, of course :D

Don't edit or retexturize the model and its parts, all is locked for editing!
This folder contains important information so if you want to reupload,
keep the whole folder (car, txt, pics).

Author of scratch made model: Lazlow555
Original GTA IV model by: Lazlow555, darewnoo
Official GTA V convert by: Volvo, darewnoo
Textures/liveries: darewnoo
4K screenshots/edit: darewnoo
Upload: darewnoo
Email: [email protected]

Features / pros
+ Original high quality convert
+ 4 versions
+ 6 random parts
+ Working and breakable halogens
+ Exhaust animation
+ Mirrors reflection
+ Realistic colours
+ Can tow a small trailer**
+ New, better quality of: halogens, headlights, taillights, steering wheel, gauges and side metal panels
+ New, realistic material of glass headlights
+ Breakable glass
+ Good LODs (L0-L3)
+ Working gauges
+ Working steering wheel and correct hand placement
+ Character sits correctly
+ Dirt and scratches on the bodywork
+ Bullet holes on bodywork and mirrors
+ Correct tint glass
+ Tires blow-out correctly**
+ Double-sided glass and bumpers
+ Working neons
+ Openable bonnet, boot and doors
+ Customizable wheels
+ Works with FiveM
+ First Chairman for GTA V

** if you replace vehicles.meta file

Bugs / cons
- LODs aren't perfect (only reducing the amount of polygons), but work correctly ;)
- Low quality of upholstery
- No separated fenders
- No breakable mirrors and light markers in US
- No MPH gauges in US version
- No support for wipers script
- No addon and tuning
- Only Daewoo and only Cm600s version

_hi.yft = ~4 mb
.yft = ~6 mb
.ydt = 7,3 mb
+hi.ytd = 6,5 mb

>>> 2019 © Lazlow555, darewnoo <

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1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace]
1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace] 1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace] 1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace] 1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace] 1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace] 1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace] 1999 Daewoo (SsangYong) Chairman Cm600s [Replace]

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