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Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD]

Autor: wlupoli and hike
Datum: 29.06.2019
Downloads: 316
Dateigröße: 62.318 MB

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THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD of Ruby. It fixes some of the flaws that were pointed out by people in the initial release. Other errors are currently being worked on. Please disregard the screenshots that still display the carbon trim and zr1 badges. They have been removed. Refer to screenshot 1 for most current version of car.

This is Project Ruby which is a single turbo drag corvette that was built on the Cleetus McFarland YouTube channel and then recreated by our modding team for GTA V.
Converted By - Hike and wlupoli
its is made for Grand Theft Auto V Add-on
Grand Theft Auto V Replacement
Are Discord Link Is
How to install in game:

GTA V add-on: Start open iv and navigate to GTA V - Mods - Update - x64 - dlcpack - Drag And Drop ruby

then go to, GTAV - Mods - Update - update - common - data - dlclist.xml Start [dlcpacks:/ruby/]

gtav Replacement : GTAV - Mods - x64e - levels - gta5 - vehicles - Drag And Drop
rename the yft files to what ever you want

Fivem Add-on : Go To Your Server - resources - Drag And Drop Go To Your Server - server.cfg Start start ruby

Highly detailed single turbo ls engine.
Roll Cage
Sticker bomb on back just like real life
Drag wheels and tires (skinnys in the front, fat in the rear)
Realistic drag handling
Racing seat
Passenger seat delete

Known Bugs:
Hands not on steering wheel
Low quality interior
Missing Dials

1.0: Initial Release
1.01: Removed carbon trim and zr1 badges

Cleetus McFarland YT Channel

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Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD]
Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD] Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD] Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD] Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD] Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD] Project Ruby [LOCKED] [RE-UPLOAD]

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