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Flywheels Deadringer [Add-On]

Autor: FilipJDM, VanillaWorks
Datum: 01.12.2018
Downloads: 1622
Dateigröße: 13.174 MB

10.00 bei 4 Bewertungen

Like making a knife out of a turd and a toothpick or reverse-synthesizing cocaine out of a can of soda,
this fine exemplar of American motoring ingenuity gets an A for effort, but raises an apt question - "why?"
The Deadringer, a bastard child of a Hotring bolide and a jalopy of pedigree, transcends the limits of
functionality and ventures into the frontiers of absurdity. And while the trailer parks purists might cry
their guts out for a good chassis wasted, deep down they all know - that's how it was meant to be.

Flywheels Deadringer, based on Hotring and Albany Buccaneer
Made by FilipJDM

Flywheels Pack by VanillaWorks

How to install:

1.Put "deadringer" folder in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2.Add this line -> dlcpacks:/deadringer/ to the dlclist.xml (mods\update\update.rpf\common\data)
3.Spawn using name: deadringer

-Carrythxd for help with addon files
-Boywond for texturing/logos
-Dynamo for liveries
-details for liveries
-Johnny362000 for handling
-MyCrystals for amazing description
-gtuned for name idea
-VanillaWorks for being helpful with bugs
-Project Homecoming for actually using my mods
-Roadkill for inspiration

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Flywheels Deadringer [Add-On]
Flywheels Deadringer [Add-On] Flywheels Deadringer [Add-On] Flywheels Deadringer [Add-On] Flywheels Deadringer [Add-On] Flywheels Deadringer [Add-On]

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