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1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN]

Autor: cb1005
Datum: 17.11.2018
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1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) V1.0b

Replace Version & HSN By cb1005
Model Edited & Converted By cb1005

This is my second work in zmodeler3 i`ve ever done before.
v1.0 beta
known bugs listed below, hope for some constructive comments how to fix them. backup your original files before install !
pls report bugs that are not listed in comments, thx ;)

HSN Features v0.3: (Controller Recommended)

-Omega A

• replace virgo2 >> dlc >> mplowrider2
• complete physics overhaul
• v8 Sound
• real Openworld name
• real Shop name
• high speed (ca.320kph untuned; 352kph full tuned)
• got "EMS Upgrade 5" by trainer for drift lovers

Model Features v1.0b:

• HQ Engine
• High Quality 3D Model
• Multiple Tuning Parts
• HQ Salon
• Working Steering Wheel
• Correct Door Opening
etc ...

Bugs/Issues/troubles :

• missing Dirt Texture
• no Template Support
• no Working light texture(headlights)
• no Working Dials
• no Hands on Steering Wheel
• no Mirrors Reflections
• no Plates
• no Breakable Windows
maybe some more .. report ;)

Installation Instructions :
• Read the "how to Install" file inside the archive

Credits :
• Model : Forza Motorsport 3

Have fun

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1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN]
1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN] 1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN] 1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN] 1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN] 1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN] 1991 Lotus Omega A (S62B50 BMW V8) [Replace/Tuning/HSN]

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