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Volkswagen Touran 2012 [Add-on/Replace | Dials | HQ Interior]

Autor: S&B Modding - Iddo
Datum: 28.07.2018
Downloads: 2520
Dateigröße: 26.35 MB

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This is an Volkswagen Touran 2012 which has a lot of futures. This is my second convert, and I really enjoyed the making of it! The car can be installed as a Replace or as a Add-On

Important is to install the vehicles.meta for the replace! Otherwise the dials may not work correctly! The Visualssettings.dat is optional, if you install it you will have exact the same settings as on the screenshots!

Replace model name: Minivan

Model Size:
- minivan.yft = 3,855 KB
- minivan.ytd = 658 KB
- minivan_hi.yft = 3,855 KB

- vwtouran.yft = 3,855 KB
- vwtouran.ytd = 658 KB
- vwtouran_hi.yft = 3,855 KB

Polygon Count: 172,973
Verticles Count: 154,423

- HQ Interior
- HQ Exterior
- Working Dials
- Working Mirrors
- Breakable Glass
- Working Indicators
- Working Lights
- GTAV Plates
- Working Steeringwheel
- Animated Doors
- Gunshot impact
- Add-on / Replace
- Custom Handling in the Add-on

Not yet featured:
- No textured Body Dirt

Known Bugs:
- Seat dummys needs replace.

Model: SizzGamesMods
Converted by: SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Plates: SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Skin: SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Textures: SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Materials: SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Collisions: SizzGamesMods - Iddo
Screenshots: SИУX

Special thanks:
I would like to thank James Radderz and Game68420 for the help they have got me in the proces. I had a few issues which i could not fix my self and they helped me out! Thanks a lot y'all!

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Volkswagen Touran 2012 [Add-on/Replace | Dials | HQ Interior]
Volkswagen Touran 2012 [Add-on/Replace | Dials | HQ Interior] Volkswagen Touran 2012 [Add-on/Replace | Dials | HQ Interior] Volkswagen Touran 2012 [Add-on/Replace | Dials | HQ Interior]

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