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2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2

Autor: Alex9581
Datum: 23.06.2018
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Dateigröße: 251.634 MB

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2018 Kia Stinger GT for GTA 5.

Exclusive for sites:,,

Quality HQ interior, exterior;
Everything in HQ;
3D engine, suspension, door sills and all parts;
Added new details to the interior like the original car;
Fixed many bugs in the 3D model;
Fixed narrow wheels;
Fully retexture of the interior, exterior and engine;
The new UV-map for the entire model and of details;
The car uses two different width wheels (the rear wheels are slightly wider);
Fixed loops for hood and trunk;
Added dirt for all windows - including all glasses of the exterior (correctly illuminated headlamps even when heavily soiled);
Added dirt for all the details of the exterior and paint;
Replaced all standard materials;
Original car logo;
Replaced all standard textures with personal ones;
All the windows breakable;
Support pain jobs -template including;
Note about the Liveries. It is not recommended to edit the texture file. (.ytd). The model simply will not spawn. It is not recommended to rebuild the textures in the ytd file in another compression. All textures will be very bad;
It is recommended to make liveries parts for tuning. For example, like sultanrs.
You can add figures in the garage Benny (activated only for the replaced version);
Working animation - vibration of the engine and exhaust pipes;
GTA 5 license plates;
There are three extras:
EXTRA_2-front number plate;
Everything is shot and damaged like original cars;
Correctly sits the driver and all passengers;
Correct are configured with neon lights and all dummy exhausts;
Correct tint of all glasses (lights windows no tint);
By default in ZM-deleted corona for the rear lights;
The correct functional of lights;
Damage to mirrors;
Qualitative reflections in mirrors;
The correct functional of the steering wheel;
Convenient camera while driving and shooting;
Correct functionality of all doors (all doors are on hinges);
Working suspension;
The car is painted in four colors:
[PAINT: 1] - body;
[PAINT: 4] - wheels (a separate version in the archive);
[PAINT: 6] - interior;
[PAINT: 7] - interior;
Added rendering for rims (by video from Mr. Poher);
The archive there is a version with more chrome to the exterior;
From scratch -all the .meta settings for the replaced version and add-on;
There is support for towing small trailers (not activated in vehicles.meta);
Working analog-digital dials - including all sensors (personal UV-map);
Working radio game;
Working lights for doors, plate, interior, buttons-dashboard;
Burn area.

What's New in v1.1

Updated the logo on the speakers;
Fixed template;
Added 20 Livery (tuning): for add-on and replace (only for garage Benny's or via trainer).

What's New in v1.1A

Added template for the exterior glass; (by request)
Added version without tinting the windscreen from the inside.(by request)

What's New in v1.2

Added tuning;
Added (L0-L5) LOD's for tuning;
Carbon splitter for the front bumper;
Black splitter for the front bumper;
Carbon door sills;
Carbon roof;
Carbon mirrors - (installed only in the Benny garage or trainer's);
Black exhaust;
Carbon exhaust;
Black spoiler;
Carbon spoiler;
Carbon bonnet;
Added tuning for template;
Added dirt for all tuning;
Rollcage now as the tuning.

Model and normal-map textures from: Forza 7
All textures made from scratch by: Alex9581 (Do not touch any texture from my projects without my permission.)
Conversion in GTA 5 by: Alex9581
Modeling by: Alex9581

Thank you good guys.

Alexander Blade

Donation this project alex061290

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2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2
2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2 2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2 2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2 2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2 2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2 2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2 2018 Kia Stinger GT [Add-On (OIV) /Replace /Tuning /Analog-Digital Dials /Animated /Template] v1.2

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