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New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE]

Autor: Raddz Modding
Datum: 14.11.2017
Downloads: 2827
Dateigröße: 6.981 MB

10.00 bei 2 Bewertungen

I've been working on this for a few days and I think it's ready for release. If you find any bugs please put them in the comments below.

The model doesn't have a detailed dashboard, I may add one in the future, click the follow updates button to be notified when I do.

Join the British Emergency Modding discord here

Any feedback is greatly appreciated along with any donations which will allow me to buy more models and give a better final product!

To install this vehicle you will need to install in the location: Newest Patchday

Change Log:

Public release:

Model : Dafunk
Model bought : James Radley
Model fixes : James Radley
Converted to GTA : James Radley
Templated : James Radley
Converted to production spec : James Radley
Emissive textures : James Radley
Stop buttons made : James Radley
Wayfarer machine modelled and textured : James Radley
Oyster readers modelled : James Radley
iBus displays made : James Radley
CCTV : James Radley
Interior lighting : James Radley
Skins : Mighty

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New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE]
New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE] New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE] New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE] New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE] New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE] New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE] New Bus for London (Borismaster) [TEMPLATE]

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