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1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0

Autor: DrabyPL, Mazur1133, SpiderMan
Datum: 23.02.2017
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---GTA: V---
---1960 FSO Syrena Sport---

3DS Max model by DrabyPL(Thanks for great model).
Conversion + some details/textures to Grand Theft Auto: IV by Mazur1133.
Conversion to Grand Theft Auto: V by SpiderMan.

Version 2.0(New interior, wheels, exhaust pipes, emblems, side mirrors, backup wheel, carplates, headlights, front indicators and few details).

-Seat position in car is a bit incorrect because there is not enough space for driver.
-Do not work the counters in the car.
-Dials not working.
-Tuning status unknown. Car hasn't tuning parts so do at your own risk.
-Original Part of peyote (and other models) do not fit and can cause numerous errors, so it is not recommended to use them.
-Problems Parts would disappear if the version add-on.

Information from the author's conversion to GTA V:
After each download of this modification author conversion to GTA V,
SpiderMan wishes liking its Facebook page and subscribe to his channel on YouTube (links below) and liking the videos (links below):
1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0 GTA: V PC.
For subscriptions and likes, thank you very much! :-)

Copyright © by DrabyPL, Mazur1133, SpiderMan.

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1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0
1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0 1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0 1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0 1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0 1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0 1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0 1960 FSO Syrena Sport 2.0

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