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Volkswagen Amarok Apocalypse (Unlocked)

Autor: AuthorSaulAlan
Datum: 05.04.2016
Downloads: 9342
Dateigröße: 12.73 MB

10.00 bei 4 Bewertungen

Volkswagen Amarok Apocalypse / Zombie Outbreak / Insane Dictator / Stolen Military Police / Mad Max

Call it whatever you want it's a beast :)

Credits: Vnlae and AuthorSaulAlan

-All parts working as they should, pretty good quality model, had a few issues with some see through parts and reflection/texture issues but nothing serious.
-Working police lights
-Vehicle is mapped and a livery is included in the download which you can easily edit to make any livery you want if you fancy a police/military version or something
-Car features lots of extra parts and several toggleable extras including a handcuffed HOSTAGE in the bed of the truck, however he is currently textured in carbon fibre soo... not so great.. at least he's there lol also the mini gun and the toggleable machine gun are both props they can't be fired.
-Model is Unlocked feel free to edit or use parts from it or whatever you want just please give a little credit if you upload :)

Original Amarok converted to GTAV by - Vnlae
Changed textures fixed non see through windows added New Engine, Spare Wheels, Miniguns, Roof racks, Bullbars, Hostage, Bumpers, Spiked Ram bar, and all that other cool stuff, converted by yours truly - AuthorSaulAlan.

replaced Police2 but can replace any car you want.
-Installation for police2 : update > x64 > dlcpakcs > patchday3ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > GTA5 > vehicles.rpf

To learn what VIP and PR mods are avilable see here

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Volkswagen Amarok Apocalypse (Unlocked)
Volkswagen Amarok Apocalypse (Unlocked) Volkswagen Amarok Apocalypse (Unlocked) Volkswagen Amarok Apocalypse (Unlocked)

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