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Drivable Yacht IV [Add-On]

Autor: tall70
Datum: 09.02.2016
Downloads: 41625
Dateigröße: 8.83 MB

9.92 bei 13 Bewertungen

Conversion of gta 4 yacht.

- all lods
- interior light
- crackable glass (not breakable, too many windows)
- no rain in interior
- couple extras (mini blinds)
- walk in interior with collisions (not perfect)
- exterior collision compatible with all surfaces.
- paintable PAINT1 top, PAINT2 bottom...3 paints preset.

---Yacht SPEED is only about 35mph and it turns slowly (use handbrake for sharper turns), thats the way i like it, you can play with handling to change that - Also spawning in BOATS_IDLE might gonna be problem if boat will spawn in shallow and tight places, map editing, or script to make very specific spawn locations would be better, some day---

- you can land helicopter, or ride vehicle on boat's collision (unlike in gta4), but they not too stable on this surface, you might loose helicopter on rough seas
- you can run on boat too
- rain is blocked for inside, but R* made this only for predator's little interior, you don't see rain outside through glass (and soonest you get in driving pos. rain goes through everything again, lol R* is trip)

- no interior items, very simple dash
- glass is only cracking, for breaking i would have to separate all windows individually
- no bullet draw on most surfaces due to low detail collision and interior material used to achieve no reflectivity
- issues with getting in driving stand, i tried different things, but it's still buggy, to get around it, crouch hide next to dash by steering wheel, then press button to get in.

In next updates i'll add passenger seats and work on bugs, i don't need interior furniture, because i don't really care to have this much bigger then "9mb", but maybe somebody else will feel like adding it, i kept it unlocked.

ALL lines in INFO file, but again you can add this in your preferred location too and change colors i preset to your likes.

Credits goes first to R* for their models

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Drivable Yacht IV [Add-On]
Drivable Yacht IV [Add-On] Drivable Yacht IV [Add-On] Drivable Yacht IV [Add-On]

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