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Beta/Starboard-side Shitzu Longfin [Add-On | RHD]

Autor: WildBrick142
Datum: 13.03.2021
Downloads: 2432
Dateigröße: 4.786 MB

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"Santa isn't real? That's what they all say, until they see one of those boats leaving behind a trail of white powder all across the Caribbean sea. Delivering the latest in high-performance luxury speedboats, now you can be your own Santa and make it snow all year round as you meticulously try to dodge icebergs throughout your coke rage. So, what are you waiting for? You'll thank the geniuses at Shitzu later."

This is just a normal Longfin, but with steering on the starboard side. In other words, a RHD Longfin. It's technically a cut content restoration because the UV mapping (and dials lol) are mirrored on the normal Longfin, which means someone at Rockstar forgot to mirror everything during development.

-All LODs present because I'm not lazy.

-Retains the breakable glass and glass shards. It's pretty much a mirrored Rockstar model after all.

-Traffic colors same as the Longfin.

-RHD vehiclelayouts for boats. Or at least an attempt at that. But hey it works ingame!

Drop the "splongfin2" folder into dlcpacks and add the line "dlcpacks:\splongfin2\" to dlclist.xml in update.rpf/common/data.

-Latest game version (1.0.2189.0) is required for the mod to work properly, or at all. Not my problem if you don't have it. Epic literally gave out the game for free.

-Also I tested the DLC pack (on a clean install). Crashes are unlikely, but if they happen let me know there's probably a mod conflict somewhere.

-Spawn name: longfin2

-Me (Wildbrick142): Edits & DLC pack.

-Rockstar Games: The game and original model.

-dexyfex/CodeWalker: Ability to edit .rel files, and fixing most of zmodeler's nonsense.

You are allowed to:

-Use it on FiveM and whatever

-Reupload it elsewhere

as long as you give credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.

You are also free to include this in publicly-released modpacks and whatnot, under the additional condition that the spawn name remains unchanged.

You are NOT allowed to:

-Use data or models from this mod for your mod

without asking me first and giving credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.

That's about it. Enjoy!

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Beta/Starboard-side Shitzu Longfin [Add-On | RHD]
Beta/Starboard-side Shitzu Longfin [Add-On | RHD] Beta/Starboard-side Shitzu Longfin [Add-On | RHD]

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