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Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on]

Autor: Canal Embraer GTA
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Datum: 21.02.2016
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thanks for the support of all !! I add more planes will soon be Some military aircraft.

This mod I did it adds all commercial embraer aircraft are some of the international printed !!

Personal if someone me help please donate (I can improve more and prissipalmente motivate me more to do more) !! !! Thank you

( I had to update For reasons of problems )

( Add-on )

EMB 314 - Brazilian Air Force
EMB 314 - Chilean Air Force
EMB 314 - Force aerial Ecuadorian
EMB 314 - Force aerial Mauritania
EMB 314 - Dominican aerial strength

come . to know in my my Youtube channel...

Original model:
Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX)
Parts edit Converted: CANAL EMBRAER GTA


- Glass - Door
- Lights in the fuselage
- Cabin with lights
- Gear - Wheel

The Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano (About this sound pronunciation), also named ALX or A-29 is a turboprop aircraft designed for light attack, counter insurgency (COIN), close air support, aerial reconnaissance missions in low threat environments, as well as providing pilot training. Designed to operate in high temperature and humidity conditions in extremely rugged terrain, the Super Tucano is highly maneuverable, has a low heat signature, incorporates 4th generation avionics and weapons system to deliver precision guided munitions. It is currently in service with the air forces of Brazil, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Angola, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and the United States Air Force, and has been ordered by Senegal, Honduras, Lebanon, Mali and Ghana.

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Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on]
Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on] Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on] Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on] Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on] Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on] Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on] Pack Tucano Embraer [Add-on]

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