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H&K MK23 Silenced/Suppressed Pistol v.1.1

Autor: Pi_ | Email
Datum: 29.08.2021
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Dateigröße: 12.357 MB

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*Watch the video to check out the gun audio*


-HD model of the H&k mk23 pistol
-HD textures with specular and normal mapping (reflectiveness and bumps)
-No Clipping
-No animation errors
-In game size of the gun proportional to real life
-Weapon icon in vanilla style, drawn in GIMP, with a reference to the original icon and a sideview of the gun model
-Realistic silenced pistol audio samples with realistic amount of echo

-azlyirnizam from for making this model
-Rockstar Games (a user in because I learnt a couple of things in my mod by checking out the one he made

For a long time the gta4 community has known that in Beta, at the late game Niko was supposed to get a silenced pistol instead of with getting an heavy pistol (desert eagle). Getting an high quality, accurate and durable silenced pistol instead of a desert eagle would make much more sense, because at that point in the story, niko starts to work almost exclusivly as a contract killer for powerful people and organizations.

I used an HD model of the Heckler & Koch MK 23 silenced pistol (a large, tactical and precise pistol), because Niko is like a contract killer in the mid/end of the game and because the model I was replacing was a deagle (also a large pistol).

1.0- Initial release
1.1- Fixed an audio static issue that happened in the version of the game. Also, now the mod uses a less compresses version of the original shooting audio

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H&K MK23 Silenced/Suppressed Pistol v.1.1
H&K MK23 Silenced/Suppressed Pistol v.1.1 H&K MK23 Silenced/Suppressed Pistol v.1.1 H&K MK23 Silenced/Suppressed Pistol v.1.1 H&K MK23 Silenced/Suppressed Pistol v.1.1

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