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Autor: Zolika1351
Datum: 14.10.2017
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If you use SNT, remove it (trainer.asi) or change the menu keys in the ini, numpad conflicts and makes both trainers slow if used together.

A trainer I made that has a lot of features, here's a rough list:
Joining / Ghost Display (MP)

Keybinds (English layout)
Hold mouse wheel button to activate the HelixSnake-inspired fly mode. Control with WASDQE.
Car Speedup ]
Car Superbrake \
Move forward through door '
Unlimited Ammo ;
Never Wanted [
Toggle Collision =
Resurrect -
Always God Mode 0
Special God Mode RCTRL + F1
Fast Run /
Drunk Ragdoll M + Num6
Simple Euphoria M + Num3
Simple Ragdoll M + Num4
Get Up M + Num5
Airbreak F6


Teleport to players
Teleport into players' cars
Teleport out of your car
Teleport to predefined locations on the map
Teleport into cutscene interiors


Spawn any vehicle in the game
Change your player model to any ped in the game
Spawn any ped in the game
Type in a ped/vehicle to spawn it (works with addons)
Change your walkstyle
Spawn cars with peds in them (e.g. a helitours helicopter)
Spawn objects that you can pick up (e.g. QUB3D cube, bowling ball)
Spawn story cars (Roman's Taxi, Albanian Willard, TV Van)

MP Functions
Display current gamemode ID
Kick any player (even yellow players)
Change gamemode (host only, don't have to vote, can have 32 players in coop modes as well)
Set max players to 16, 32, 64, or even 128!
Switch Teams in-game
Display Server ID (doesn't seem to work, may not be what it sounds like)
Fix players' cars

Car God Mode (Fix Loop and/or Health Loop)
Car Never Dirty
Random car color
Random natural car color (one in carcols)
Force car engine on
Attach cars onto your car (Fuck up Car)
Set Vehicle Dirt Level (number from 0 to 9)
Speedometer (even works on foot!)
Drive on Water (also works in ponds, pools, fountains, etc.)
Toggle car components (0-10)
Change car color (Primary, secondary, extra 1, extra 2)
Car colors up to 256! (Most of them are black or white, but there are a few interesting ones as well)
Select a color combination from the car's carcols.dat entry!
Change car livery
2 seperate car spawning modes, spawn to the right (SNT-like) or transform (similar to GTAO Transform Races)
Drive as Passenger
Seat -1 (Free passenger seat, or if the car is full, then a secret seat in the middle of the car)
Car Neons (Blue, Red, Purple & Orange)
Delete Car (works with locked cars as well, just press F and then num5)
Custom Car God Mode (select proofs individually)
Car Speed Boost (Low speed boost for sick drifting or high speed boost to literally fly)

Special God Mode (Explosions still ragdoll you)
Always God Mode (nothing can kill you except map borders)
Health Loop God Mode (immunity to map borders)
Internet (Brings up the computer, this even works in MP)
Never Wanted
True Free Roam (no more missions or phone calls)
Move Speed (Walk, shoot, run, get into cars faster or slower)
Unlimited Ammo
Rapid Fire
Launch New Game (MP IV, TLAD, TBOGT or SP)
Auto Resurrect (if you die in MP, you get resurrected back immediately)
List running scripts into brief (only lists vanilla IV scripts)
Resurrect manually
Clean Player Clothes
Cops Dispatched or Not Dispatched
Cars Never Locked (no car that you try to enter will be locked)
Custom God Mode (select proofs individually)
Remove infinite loading screens

Become Fidget Spinner (this was literally one of the first things in this menu)
Hell Timecyc (different effects based on your current timecyc and weather)
Skip on Water (FlatOut 2 anyone?)
Toggle Ragdoll (SA-like animations)
Force your interior to the required one (fixes invisible interiors or invisible world)
Unlock every vehicle in the game world (Ever wanted to enter Roman's Taxi in Roman's Sorrow?)
Free Cutscenes (Enables player control and camera control in in-game cutscenes)
Throw Self
Display Coordinates
Become Midget (
SP in MP (Complete SP story and functions in multiplayer, co-op with your friends!)
Diving Mode (Use numpad + and numpad - to set dive height while in water to dive under it)
Walk in MP (WASD will now walk instead of jogging)
Mark self as no longer needed (You'll just walk off)
Anti-Nuke (Explosion proof)
LSD Mode (dis some good shit)
Chat options (Print info about selected player or server into chat)
Pause / Unpause game (This works in MP too, you will look like you've crashed)
Teleport All Things (Umm....)
Car Rain (will most likely explode on impact)
Load Current Cutscene Interior (Walk / teleport into cutscene interior, select this, now you can see it)
Rek Player (suicide)
Fix Mission AI (Fixes mission AI in SP in MP mode that has been taken over by other players, e.g. Lost MC buddies in TLAD)
Remove wanted level limits (6 stars in Races? No problem!)
Traffic Multiplier (Very high, high, normal, low, also works in MP and it affects vehicles and peds as well)
Fly/Glide Mode
Rainbow Name (only works in Deathmatch, Mafiya Work and Car Jack City)
Slide Run
Set Player Visible or Invisible

Fix Niko's Clothes in MP (Niko's clothes don't sync in multiplayer, so I have this option to set all Niko players to a specific outfit)

MP Bowling (Not the best method, but it works. The ball is a throwable object and the pins have to be respawned manually. Broker alley only.)

Protections (Crashed and messed with left and right? This menu protects you against most well-known crash methods)

Vehicle ID Change detector (You can now see who took over the car you're in)

Police Reports (Dispatch lines from SP missions)

Player List (Shows all players currently in-game, including ghosts)

Enter SA Cheats (Misc - Command Console)

Ped Settings (Set spawned peds to be bodyguards, have a specific weapon, set their accuracy, and remove their ragdoll)

Camera Options
Enable Camera Controls in Chat (don't see why you would ever need this but oh well)
Lock Camera (Useful for taking screenshots)
Mirror Screen (Mirrors the entire game except the HUD)
Debug Camera (Hidden native that R* probably used, mouse to control, double click to teleport player)

Player Drive Task
Sit Down / Stand Up
Player Walk Task (like player drive task but on foot)
Clear Tasks

Single Player
Save Game anywhere
Autosave at any time
Unlock all Islands
Unlock all Safehouses
Cancel current Mission
Add / Take away money

Give yourself weapon packs
Individual weapons (Everything from baseball bat to rocket to anymelee)
Give other players weapons

Individual clothes (much like SNT, change each component individually)
Outfits (Only for some models)
MP Model Menu (Open the MP model changing menu at any time, even in MP, then apply it to your current model)

Presets (12:00, 7:00, 21:00, 0:00)
Freeze Time
Manually set time
Negative Time (sp0000ky)
Timescale (slow down or speed up the entire game)

Set Weather (All weathers, from Extra Sunny to the unused Sunny Windy 2)

Trainer Settings
Random clothes when spawning peds or changing player model
Spawn pickable objects into player's hand
Change menu's control speed
Change menu style (Compact or full)
Change menu color
Change menu font

Greet other people who use this menu, to let them know that you are using it too

GTA Online style options
Copy Car (copy selected player's car, complete with same color and components)
Copy Player (copy selected player's model)

Start any mission in the game (even works in MP)

SCO Loader
Type in any SCO script's name and if it exists, it will be loaded.

Object Spawning
Spawn ANY object in the game by typing it in or selecting it from a list, which is in alphabetical order and includes ALL vanilla & EFLC objects.
Select an object and do things to it like place it on the ground, change its coordinates, attach it to yourself, make it fly, etc.

Play ANY animation in the game by typing it in or selecting it from a list, which is in alphabetical order and includes ALL vanilla animations.
Toggle animation Looping

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Zolika1351's Trainer 42.7 ( Zolika1351's Trainer 42.7 ( Zolika1351's Trainer 42.7 ( Zolika1351's Trainer 42.7 (

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