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Karin Sahara v3

Autor: Thundersmacker
Datum: 02.09.2013
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Karin Sahara V.3 by Thundersmacker

Oh Yeah! Back in Action Baby!

All new update! Prepare for changes!

Where to begin....

Truck has been completely remade top to bottom. New frame,wheels, suspension, engine, and etc.
Body has been re-made back to look like the Toyota Tundra it was based off.
New Suspension which is the accurate front independent and rear solid axle setup.
Working roof and bumper lights, no more stupid "under the hood" lights.
Frame color is made from the skin. so If you want a different color frame you must change it on the skin.
Skins still use the same UV map as V2. So any past skins for V2 should work for the new one, though the frame will be black on old skins.
There is a template for the skins so anyone can make their own (which I VERY HIGHLY encourage).
All new handling line which makes the truck still fun as hell on and off road, but is not as wild and crazy as the old line..

Also included is a optional Blank skin which is the one on the cover picture.

Body, frame, and rims are all from the DiRT series made by Codemasters.
Various other details like the engine and interior are from stock cars by Rockstar Games

All skin designs have been made by me but some logos used are from Evolution Studios and Rockstar Games.

If you have the roof/bumper lights off the truck the lights will still come on even though there is nothing to make the light.

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Karin Sahara v3
Karin Sahara v3 Karin Sahara v3 Karin Sahara v3

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