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GTAIV Weapon Editor v1.1

Autor: CoMPuTer MAsSteR [.:AKA:.] CoMPMStR
Datum: 21.12.2008
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This is a program to simplify the ability of modding the weapons in GTAIV. Everything is pretty straight-forward so there shouldn't be much need for explanations. Each tab in the program is dedicated to a particular set of weapon properties you are able to edit in the file. The projectile tab contains a button to load the thrown weapon info, only if it's been loaded with the first weapon info.. yes, you have to choose both files when loading.

The user input doesn't have any error checking routines, so entering a value of "asdf" into clip size may result in unexpected results. Everything, except the flags, uses strings for compatibility reasons, so just be careful what you modify. Also entering a number like 99999 into ammo max will NOT work, instead use 9999 which does work. I believe the same goes for clip size although I haven't actually tested it.

If there are any errors with any of the weapons, the game simply doesn't load that weapon. So, if you have the pistol equipped when you save and enter 99999 as a value for ammo max, then reload the save, you won't have the pistol equipped when you check your weapons. You will also NOT be able to pick up any pistols that may be lying around. This does NOT work for law enforcement. I repeat, the pigs will still shoot at you!

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GTAIV Weapon Editor v1.1

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