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TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV]

Autor: subway132(GJGamingBro) | Email
Datum: 18.02.2016
Downloads: 12334 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 50.373 MB

10.00 bei 11 Bewertungen

Subway132(GJ192 in Nexusmods)(GJGamingBro in YT and in general)

Niko Bellic player mod for TBOGT
Playerped.rpf has been modified to suit TBOGT as best as possible Niko will use suit in the nightclub side missions and
T-Shirt in fightclub

in order to access other clothing items you must have trainer installed that allows you to change your character clothing

every clothing item is now showing textures properly in OpenIV

all Luis animations have been replaced with Niko's

Luis voices have been replaced with Niko's

Changelog 5/19/2021
Added OIV installation Manual installation is no longer necessary
but if you own copy of EFLC and not IV Complete Edition then open OIV via winrar then assembly.xml via notepad and change gametype in it to EFLC

Latest changelog 6/17/2020 4:55AM
Silenced all remaining luis voice lines therefore reducing size of the archive and silencing Luis completely well not completely because
Luis will still speak in cutscenes and during mission dialogues.
also found out that i had totally mixed Johnny's and Niko's voice together sorry about that, Luis_Angry was Johnny_Angry instead of Niko_Angry
fixed some clothes that had no normal maps
Replaced Luis clothing animation with Niko's i had forgotten about that completely

When updating replace all files.

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TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV]
TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV] TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV] TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV] TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV] TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV] TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV] TBOGT Niko Bellic Mod [FINAL][OIV]

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