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100% with Clubhouse unlocked - TLaD

Autor: Snowey Egret101
Datum: 12.02.2022
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it took me many hours (many days prob) so please, dont steal my work and claim it as yours, i worked very hard for it. Thank you.
i have the latest version for the game, i dont know if it works on older version. This save contains:
100% (Duh)
every lost member is fully max out (gang war)
every garage filled with cars/bikes. Enjoy!
every marker/locations is unlocked on map. Enjoy!
the clubhouse has been restored! you can now enter it, brothers and sisters spawn naturally inside/outside clubhouse, ALL Activities are fully functioning (you can even play with clay n terry!) all vehicles (bikes) spawn outside clubhouse, guns are back in clubhouse, Tv work, Pc Works.
However theres is a few broken stuff.. here:
You cannot save/sleep in clubhouse (i tried everything but its heavily scripted to the game progress. Sorry)
Jim cannot be saved.. (hes also heavily scripted with game progress.
a few icons broken - Gang war, Race.
i also broke some stuff in STATISTIC. No big deal.. Right?
i tried my best to change game save but with no luck, if i change it my game will always crash or the save itself gets corrupted upon loading it. Bummer
89%. i tried my best to increase this value but any further and save gets corrupted.
Story is completed! and this time JIM IS ALIVE and CLUBHOUSE IS UNLOCKED you can sleep in clubhouse now, yay.
all the stuff i explained in 100% this save has it too!
the statstic is fixed, i left it normal, your welcome.
stuff i broke and CANNOT be FIXED:
Save game is named "Roman holiday" cannot be changed or save gets corrupted, few icon is still broken: Gang war, Race.
thats all for now. lemme know if the saves are working or not. Peace

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100% with Clubhouse unlocked - TLaD
100% with Clubhouse unlocked - TLaD 100% with Clubhouse unlocked - TLaD

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