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GTA IV 100% Save Game

Autor: Ivelin
Datum: 11.04.2020
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I am back after years, finally uploading my GTA IV 100% Save Game. GTA IV was recently brought back to Steam after a 2 month absence on the store. Games for Windows Live was finally removed from the game and that gave me an urge to play it again. It goes without saying but, as before I have NOT used any cheats or mods in this save game ! In order to achieve 100% I did the following main and side activities:

All main story missions: (From "The Cousins Bellic" to "Out of Commission")
- Roman rescued first before going on the date with Michelle.
- Ivan Bytchkov spared in the mission "Ivan the Not So Terrible".
- Cherise Glover spared in the mission "Ruff Rider".
- Clarence Little killed in the mission "Holland Nights".
- Playboy X killed in the mission "The Holland Play".
- Adam Dimayev killed in the mission "Portrait of a Killer".
- All Isaac crew members killed in the mission "Late Checkout".
- Francis McReary killed in the mission "Blood Brothers".
- Darko Brevic spared in the mission "That Special Someone".
- I chose the revenge ending so Roman survived and Kate died.
All 10 Exotic Exports delivered to Brucie.
All 30 Cars delivered to Stevie.
Jacob's Drug Deliveries completed.
Vigilante Mission completed.
Most Wanted Mission completed.
All Random Characters missions done.
- I beat up the slimeball in Ilyena Faustin's mission rather than killing him.
- I killed Jeff's wife in his first mission, thus canceling the 2 other missions.
All Races completed at 1st place.
All Fixer's assassination missions done.
All Friend activities done: with Packie, Jacob and Brucie.
All misc activities done: (Win a game of: Pool, Darts and Bowling (full), Beat the high score on QUB3D)
All 50 Unique Stunt Jumps completed.
All 200 Flying rats exterminated.

Bonuses: 1 200 000$ cash and a Maverick parked in the Midtown Safehouse parking space.

I am finally back to doing savegames especially in these tough quarantine times. I will be uploading a Lost and Damned 100% Save Game soon. In the meantime you can check out my profile for other GTA 100% Save Games.

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GTA IV 100% Save Game
GTA IV 100% Save Game GTA IV 100% Save Game

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