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100% ULTRA SAVE GAME (Key To The City)

Autor: MertBey
Datum: 24.02.2019
Downloads: 73425 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 2.114 MB

10.00 bei 12 Bewertungen

↓↓↓R E A D ME !↓↓↓

-Game %100 Complete
-Money $99999999999
-Missions & Unique All Car in Garages
-No cheats,No Busted,No trainer,No Hospital

My Player Choices

-"First Date" and "Bleed Out" | Roman✓
-"Ivan the Not So Terrible" |Ivan Bytchkov Spare✓
-"Ruff Rider" | Cherise Glover Spare✓
-"Holland Nights" | Clarence Little Spare✓
-"The Holland Play" | Playboy X Kill ! X
-"Late Checkout" | Isaac Roth Kill ! X
-"Blood Brothers" | Derrick McReary Kill ! X
-"That Special Someone" |Darko Brevic Kill ! X
-"One Last Thing" | Dimitri Rascalov Kill !!!!! X

-Combat Pistol | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Combat Shotgun | Infinity Ammo ✓
-SMG | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Carbine Rifle | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Combat Sniper | Infinity Ammo ✓
-Rocket Launcher| Infinity Ammo ✓
-Grenades| Infinity Ammo ✓

All Missions Outfit in Gardrop
-Liberty Sanitation Department Outfit✓
-Hospital Scrubs Outfit✓
-Balaclava ✓
-Albanian Biker Jacket ✓
-"Happiness Is...Land" Sweater ✓
-Claude's Outfit | Playboy X Residence ✓

-Story Missions Perfect Complete 91/91✓

-All Random Character 16/16 Perfect Complete✓

-Little Jacob Drug Deliveries 10/10✓

-Brucie Kibbutz Win All Races 9/9✓

-Brucie Exotic Export 10/10✓

-The Fixer's Assassinations 9/9 Complete✓

-Stevie Car Thefts 30/30 Complete✓

-Brucie Kibbutz - Unlock Special Ability✓

-Little Jacob - Unlock Special Ability✓

-Patrick McReary - Unlock Special Ability✓

-Brucie Kibbutz - Do Each Available Activity Once✓

-Little Jacob - Do Each Available Activity Once✓

-Patrick McReary - Do Each Available Activity Once✓

-Beat a Computer or Friend at Pool Win!✓

-Beat a Computer or Friend at Darts Win!✓

-Beat a Computer or Friend in a FULL GAME of Bowling Win!✓

-Beat The High Score in The QUB3D Arcade Game✓

-King of QUB3D 10,950 Points Earns✓

-All Most Wanted Missions 30/30 Perfect Complete✓

-All Vigilante Missions 20/20 Perfect Complete✓

-Kill All 200/200 Pigeons✓

-Complete All 50/50 Stunt Jumps✓

Other Complete!

-Complete all of the Roman's Taxi Driver missions.✓
-Reach 100% fondness with all five girlfriends.✓
-Do each available activity once with all five girlfriends each.✓
-Unlock all three online girlfriends' special abilities.✓
-Roman Bellic - Unlock special ability.✓
-Dwayne Forge - Unlock special ability.✓
-Roman Bellic - Do each available activity once.✓
-Dwayne Forge - Do each available activity once.✓
-Mark all locations which you can enter on your map✓
-Buy all Telephone stuff from (MP3, SFX and Themes).✓
-Add ZiT! as a phone contact.✓
-Purchase all clothing.✓
-Collect the "Happiness Is...Land" Sweater.✓
-Visit all websites.✓
-Purchase all weapons.✓
-Use a Car Wash.✓
-Watch all television programs.✓
-Collect all GTA IV Achievement/Trophies.✓


The Key To Liberty City will be Sent Home.


Mert Karaağaçlıoğlu

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100% ULTRA SAVE GAME (Key To The City)
100% ULTRA SAVE GAME (Key To The City) 100% ULTRA SAVE GAME (Key To The City) 100% ULTRA SAVE GAME (Key To The City) 100% ULTRA SAVE GAME (Key To The City)

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