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Cutscene Interiors

Autor: Billsy
Datum: 29.10.2013
Downloads: 12857 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 32.052 KB

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This script adds markers outside of the door to various cutscene interiors at their actual geographical location around Liberty City. Blips have been added to your map so you can easily find the building you wish to enter and explore.

At present, this script is only compatible with The Ballad Of Gay Tony and thus, Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost & Damned are not supported at this time.

Below is a complete and comprehensive list of the buildings you can enter through the use of this script:

Luis Lopez Mom's House
The Fight Club
Thomas Stubb's Apartment
Yusuf Amir's Apartment
Gay Tony's Office at Maisonette 9
CIA Office Block - UL Paper's Office
Gay Tony's Apartment
Suffolk Church
Roman Bellic's Cab Office
Brucie Kibbutz's Apartment
Little Jacob's Flat
Prison Visiting Room
Phil Bell's Office
Ashley Butler's House

I understand certain cutscene interiors have not been included and are not available, for example; Elizabeta Torres' Flat & Mikhail Faustin's House. The reasoning behind this is that when leaving some of the cutscene interiors, the code to make the state of the game normal and not as though you're in a cutscene doesn't seem to want to apply to all interiors. Whilst on this point, if anyone can point out a fix for this, I'll happily release an updated version to include all cutscene interiors.

Also, if you'd like to see me release a version that's compatible with a different version of Grand Theft Auto IV, then just comment and I shall make some tweaks if there's enough demand.

To install, simply add Cutscene Interiors.asi to the root Episodes From Liberty City (EFLC) folder, making sure you have an appropriate scripthook in order to run the script.

You can also download and view information on this mod at the following locations:

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Cutscene Interiors
Cutscene Interiors Cutscene Interiors Cutscene Interiors

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