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Caltex Petrol Station

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Caltex is a petroleum brand name of Chevron Corporation used in more than 60 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and southern Africa.


Caltex began in 1936 as the California Texas Oil Company, a joint venture between The Texas Company (later named Texaco) and Standard Oil of California (later named Chevron) to market oil from newly gained concessions in Saudi Arabia. It was renamed Caltex Petroleum Corporation in 1968. The two parent companies merged in 2001 to form ChevronTexaco (renamed Chevron in 2005) and Caltex remains one of its major international brand names.

- Regular Unleaded (91 octane unleaded petrol)
- Bio E10 Unleaded (unleaded petrol with up to - 10% ethanol)
- Bio E-Flex (unleaded petrol with up to 85% ethanol)
- Vortex 95 (95 octane premium unleaded petrol)
- Vortex 98 (98 octane premium unleaded petrol)
- Most sites stock all of these products, however Bio E10
Unleaded is the least common and Regular Unleaded the most common. Bio E-Flex is stocked in approximately 30 sites on the eastern seaboard.
- Diesel
- Diesel
New Generation Diesel (up to 3% biodiesel)
Vortex Diesel (premium diesel)
Each site only sells one of these 3 products.


Autogas is available at selected sites.
Lubricants / Motor Oil

Caltex sells Delo, Havoline, and Revtex brands of motor oil.
Convenience stores

Caltex branded sites can have any of the following types of convenience stores.
Star Mart: A large store containing a bakery, coffee, pizza and hot food as well as convenience items and an ATM. Toilets are usually located inside. Usually open 24 hours.

Star Shop: A smaller store with just convenience items and pre-packaged foods and limited operating hours.
Woolworths: Sites that accept the 4 cpl discount offer from Woolworths. Shops are branded as Woolworths. Most are the same as a Star Mart, but some are the size of a Star Shop.

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Caltex Petrol Station

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