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TLAD Real Recorded Gunsounds

Autor: jclewis
Datum: 23.04.2011
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Dateigröße: 10.867 MB

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TLAD Real Recorded Gunsounds pack MOD

Title: TLAD Real Recorded Gunsounds!!
Author: Jclewis
Filesize: 14 MB
DATE RELEASED: April 21, 2011
Credits: Knob Creek shooting range. FOP firing range.

IF you have always wanted Real gunsounds , then this is your lucky day.
For those real gunsound enthusiasts out there you will know this is the real deal.
Infact it doesnt matter how you like the sounds because you can be assured of one
thing, THEY ARE the real thing. These sounds have been taken from real recorded guns.
No made up sounds here. If genuine gunsounds is your thing
and not all of that hollywood "boom" "boom" stuff, then THIS mod is for you.

Now ALL of the guns have been recorded
from the weapons we rented. The grenade sounds came from real grenade vids
we found. Of course we couldnt get our hands on real grenades.
Never have you experienced the "crackle" of gunfire like ever before once you hear

First you will need to download the SparkIV tool. Make sure its a recent version.
1. Open SparkIV
2. Go to EFLC/pc/Audio/Sfx/resident.rpf
3. Export WEAPONS.ivaud and save it in a backup folder
9. Open SparkIV
10. Go to Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/Audio/Sfx/resident.rpf
11. Import the included in this mod WEAPONS.ivaud
12. Save

13. Open SparkIV
2. Go to EFLC/TLAD/pc/Audio/Sfx/EP1_SFX.rpf.rpf
3. Export 0x10f3f985.ivaud and save it in a backup folder
9. Open SparkIV
10. Go to EFLC/TLAD/pc/Audio/Sfx/EP1_SFX.rpf.rpf
11. Import the 0x10f3f985.ivaud included in this mod
12. Save
13. Enjoy!

Here is a vid of me and the team shooting some of the guns before we recorded them with mics :
.. Im the one in the brown shirt.

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