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Extreme Graphics and Realism Enhancement v2.86

Autor: rinuextreme
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Datum: 03.11.2009
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Thanks to:

- rappo, for uploading my mod to his websites ( and
- gawis, for tips and help with the water texturing
- afforc, for help with the weather
- jimmyfanatic_12 for explaining me on how to edit textures on Photoshop and photo editing tips
- gtaforums' coordinators for not locking my topic
- all those who I forgot to mention but helped me
- all "fans" for suggestions, bugs reports and support.


In v1.0:

- Improves vehicles' handling, damage, physics and details
- Improves weapons characteristics (strengh, accuracy, textures, damage, visual effects, explosions and icons)
- A bunch of new clothes (see credits for them at the end of this text)
- New colored radio hud
- Improves visual effects, time cycling and weather conditions (better raining, clouds, etc)
- Better reflections
- Smoother shadows
- Improved effects (smoke, dirt, explosions, bullet holes, rain, leaves, dust)
- Better blood and pedestrian/player damage
- More realistic population and traffic density
- Improved vehicle spawning variety and colors
- Better draw distance
- Improved textures
- Improved vegetation and fences
- Better motion of blur and depth of field (quite reduced)
- And more...

In v2.0:

- Improved shadows
- Changed some weather properties
- Changed cargrp.dat
- Fixed some minor bugs

In v2.8:

- Mod name changed to Extreme Graphics and Realism Enhancement once I changed more things than graphical system (also changed weapons properties, clothes, etc - this should be the starting name of the mod, but nevermind)
- Removed the ASI Loader (dsound.dll), FileCheckFix (filecheckfix.asi) and Scripthookdotnet.asi files so people can stop blaming me about the game crashing at start up or any time, once this is not my fault but Alexander Blade's duty to fix those problems
- Extremely improved the blood and projects textures (looks sweet, now)
- Improved the textures on vegetation and fences (plus some more environmental properties)
- Changed handling.dat configuration according to my previous mod Realistic Vehicle Damage so now cars have realistic handling and damage system
- Edited once more the vehicles.ide and cargrp.dat files
- Fixed a bug on view distance (things looked blurry sometimes and landscape took quite much time spawning and drawing itself)
- Removed the commandline.txt file (that file was an extra for low-end pc's and people with good pc's where using it by mistake so the game was weird - removed the file, fixed the problem)
- Added a changelog.txt file on the .rar so you can check the changes from version to version
- Worked on corona lights (headlights and taillights) - also worked on every light in the game (from environmental light [sun] to nightlight [buildings and lamps])

Thanks for downloading Extreme Graphics and Realism Enhancement.

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Extreme Graphics and Realism Enhancement v2.86

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