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Revamped Combat

Autor: catsmackaroo
Datum: 28.12.2021
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catsmackaroo's revamped combat
Grand Theft Auto IV is simply too easy of a game, unwarranted for how grim and dangerous the world is meant to be... Revamped Combat is meant to shift that towards reality, with many adjustments towards the weapon handling/stats for realism, but mostly for balance & difficulty ?

For a full changelog and an overall better viewing experience, check the forum post:

- The biggest change and difference between this mod and other weapon adjustment mod is how Niko isn't some superhuman anymore... and neither is Johnny or Luis. They will all take roughly the same damage as the NPCs

- Almost each and every weapon has been overhauled. My biggest flaw with the vanilla game is not only the damage, but how certain weapons are blatantly superior to others, such as the M4 being best on console, but MP5 is best on PC due to improper recoils. Now every weapon has a purpose, however do note the biggest goal for this pack is for balance & difficulty, so the most common weapons used by NPCs may not be powerful as the others:

The Universal Changes contain higher damage, higher range, decreased max ammo & ammo on streets, and finally, increased physics force. The ammo on streets is also really odd numbers, meant to imitate the mags being used
The Glock is a fast-firing peashooter
The Deagle is a slow firing handcannon
The .44 is a fast-firing nuke, seriously, this thing is insane now (as it should be)
The Pump Shotgun is a semi-fast-firing, high range threat
The Combat Shotgun is a faster-firing, more accurate, lower range beast
The Street Sweeper has been adjusted a fair bit, firerate has been decreased, the animation has been fixed, and now you can drive-by with this bad boy! Courtesy of the Biker Extreme mod
The Sawnoff Shotgun is now a 1-shot, high damaging, more accurate, destructor! This once sh*t-tier weapon contains the biggest changes, taking inspiration from BLOOD, DUSK, DOOM, Ion Fury, Quake, and much more. (other weapons did too)
The AA12 is now a proper AA12, containing its respective firerate and destruction
The Explosive AA12 is now not an entirely skill-less weapon, having its higher firerate from above (but nerfed), it also has less damage, less max ammo, & less accuracy
The UZI is now insanely fast-firing, and highly inaccurate (There's no clip reduction either. Enjoy the 50 bullet mag spray and pray!)
The MP5 is shamelessly close to the UZI, however much more tactical with its accuracy & damage
The P90 is also relatively unchanged. Higher firerate & clipsize, that's basically it!
The Gold UZI is rare as hell in the game world, thus it's an absolute monster. I reduced its firerate so you have more time to adjust your aim, however its damage & accuracy is highly increased!
The AK47 is a spooky fast-firing, inaccurate, lower damaging rottweiler... it has armour peircing rounds, making it very good against NOoSE, but... also against the player! ?
The M4 is also a spooky rottweiler, having a faster firerate, MUCH higher accuracy, damage, and range
The Advanced MG is how it should be, a proper LMG. High fire-rate, high-range
The Snipers are relatively unchanged except for the universal changes. The poor Sniper-Rifle (IV) also has slightly faster fire-rate, it was so slow it felt unresponsive in vanilla
The Annihilator has an extreme firerate, even more than the default. The damage is also extremely decreased but it's not like that matters anyway...

- Vehicle defense is increased, but only so they don't explode in 2 seconds. They should feel quite similar to vanilla

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Revamped Combat

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